Opened in 2015, Flippo's owns and operates children's entertainment centers in South Florida. With three locations—each averaging 10,000 square feet—Flippos is known for offering something for everyone, whether that means a Laser Maze for the older children or a toddler-specific play area and Mommy and Me classes for their youngest guests. They even offer after-school programs for school-aged children!

While Flippo's had no problem designing their entertainment centers to bring joy to kids of all ages—all while making parents happy with their clean, well-maintained indoor facilities—finding a pizza that appealed to parents and children alike was a tall order.

While they have a full kitchen at one location, finding a quality pizza that could work in the concession-style kitchens of their other two locations was something they put a lot of work into.

Originally, they had to make the dough from scratch in their Sunrise location and deliver it to the other two locations in order to serve the quality of pizza they were looking to serve. They made the sauce at each location by hand, which was time-consuming.

At the end of the day, they knew they needed a better option to help them simplify logistics, and save money, time, and labor.
After much research, Dmitriy Kim, the Flippo's founder and CEO, actually found out about Donna Italia on Facebook. He says, "Donna Italia was the perfect solution that allowed us to serve high-quality pizza without having a full kitchen. We have much smaller kitchens without hoods at two of the locations, so we could only use convection ovens."

With this limitation, Dmitriy was left with few options, including spending the up-front costs to buy and install electric ovens at the other two facilities. In contrast, Donna Italia's pizza solution offers clients free use of a professional, countertop stone oven with their monthly subscription, saving space and those expensive start-up costs.

Not only that, but he found that the Donna Italia pizza also tastes better. He explained, "Donna Italia is much better. If the other pizzas have a good crust, they might come close to Donna Italia in taste, but they usually have a much thicker crust. They're also usually more time-consuming to bake. With Donna Italia, it's less than half the time."
Customers can come up to the counter and order from one of Flippos specialty pizza recipes, or they can customize their own. Then, only three minutes later, they get served a hot, fresh-baked pizza at their table.

What's more is that parents can feel good about ordering the pizza at Flippos because Donna Italia uses 100% natural ingredients without preservatives, baking enhancers, or any added sugar. It's just good, wholesome ingredients to get kids fueled up and ready to get back out on the play floor.

According to Dmitriy, getting the Donna Italia pizza solution up-and-running was easy, even in the midst of COVID-19 shutdowns. They signed up in May, and Dmitri says "Implementation was very easy. Donna Italia helped us with everything. I think we even got the pizza the next day!"

Such easy set up means that Dmitriy was ready to serve pizza when Flippos was able to re-open from quarantine on June 1st. Not only are they back with fresh-baked pizza, but their commitment to both safety and fun makes it the perfect place to get your children out for great pizza and even more fun!
Donna Italia was the perfect solution that allowed us to serve high-quality pizza without having a full kitchen. Implementation was very easy. Donna Italia helped us with everything … I think we even got the pizza the next day!
Dmitriy Kim
Founder and CEO Flippo's, Miami USA

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